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The biggest gaming expo of the year takes place every June and I’m always excited to watch it.

I already bought my PS4 so I want to know what game developers are working on and what to keep my eye out for. Of course, the games I’m focusing on are science fiction fantasy.

But after checking out the conferences on Youtube, I was left wondering if these guys need more staff (yes, I’m looking at you, Nintendo).

This year’s E3 wasn’t one of the best, but there were still some good stuff to nod a head at.

I won’t be highlighting any games that are already well known, so as great as they are, that criteria disqualifies Scalebound, For Honor, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy XV.

So here’re the top science fiction fantasy games of E3 2016.

God of War 4 (ps4)

Everyone’s favourite Greek God has finally taken the ultimate step of manhood: becoming a father.

Kratos sets aside his days of bellowing at monsters and replaces it with days of bellowing at his son (I can only imagine how he handled the waking and crying of a newborn). The demo starts off with a boy, probably around 10, playing with toys when daddy calls demanding to be fed.

From there, we’re treated with great graphics of Kratos watching over the unnamed boy as he hunts a deer, and takes care of those horned bullies trying to spoil the quality father-son time.

That’s being a great dad, Kratos.

The world looks like a great experience, a desolate and cold place straight out of a prehistoric movie.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (nintendo)

They did it. Nintendo finally did it. The Legend of Zelda is now a full length and breadth open world game, beautifully textured in cel-shaded goodness.

Open world is nothing new for games, but it’s never been done in Zelda, bringing in a whole new era for a series that’s already loved world over.

Nintendo demonstrated just how vast the world is, with Link being able to traverse to anything he sees in the distance, and seemingly being able to climb every mountain, climb and chop every tree, push boulders down hills, and even plop down by a fire and do some cooking.

But are there dungeons?

Of course there are dungeons, albeit packed with awesome puzzles to solve and bosses to fight.

Well done Nintendo. It moved me to tears and almost made me feel like buying a Wii U. Almost.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare(ps4 xbox1 pc)

I’m generally not a fan of first person shooters. For one to get my interest, it literally has to do something original. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare does just that.

In addition to being the captain of your own starship, this first person shooter sees you picking a space fighter, propelling out of the bay doors and engaging the enemy, hopping out and walking on the hulls of battleships to blast you way in and perform missions, then returning to your space fighter and flying away, all seamlessly without even diming the camera.

I don’t know what kind of story is involved here, but it all looks like great science fiction fun.

Titanfall II (ps4 xbox1 pc)

We all know giant robots make everything better, and this game is no exception.

Titanfall is a fast paced shooter involving “Titans” descending from the sky for additional firepower. I heard it was a great game, but I never checked it out because there was no story mode, and I’m a story-driven guy.

Fast forward a couple years to Titanfall II, where the developers have given a purpose for the explosions and metal. The trailer is intense, with the large mech listing out its protocols, the number one being to protect the pilot. The ability to play while on foot or on board the heavily armed Titan is exciting.

I hope Titanfall II is every bit as good as that preview.

Dishonored II (ps4 xbox1 pc)

To me, Dishonored was simply a game where you used stealth to mindlessly kill people. That view has changed after I watched the gameplay demo of Dishonored II.

The main city is called Karnaca, a vast, Victorian-styled dystopia that’s packed with so much culture – architecture, mechanical technology, jobs, food, songs – you’d swore it actually exists. According to the developer, every market and every alley tells a story, whether it’s a flood or an old advertising campaign. There’s a certain art in experiencing a world so vivid.

You play as either the Empress Emily or the Protector Corvo attempting to unravel a conspiracy involving who rules Dunwall. I love how you run along the rooftops or stalk underground passages of this expansive city, penetrating well defended locations using various supernatural abilities.

Mass Effect IV: Andromeda (ps4 xbox1 pc)

I’ve always wanted to play Mass Effect, an open world shooter involving the main character performing missions across outer space to save the galaxy. After missing all three instalments, I’d all but given up.

Out comes Mass Effect IV, a game that looks like the developers took everything they learned from previous creations and designed, not just awesome worlds, but awesome star systems. Claiming to be going further than ever before, the trailer takes us to the Andromeda galaxy, a place teeming with alien life and civilization, in an attempt to build a new home for humanity.

With amazing graphics, imaginative planets, and useful exploration vehicles, I can’t wait to see more of this game.

So those are my picks. I better start saving, and scheduling some game time.

What do you think? Any of them interest you? Where you ever gamer? Let me know in the comments.

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