Guardian of the Cursed Crown on Wattpad

Guardian of the Cursed Crown on Wattpad

It’s time to start posting the first half of my debut novel Guardian of the Cursed Crown on social media geared towards readers. There are several I’ve discovered over the years, the most popular being Goodreads, and others like DeviantArt are focused on science fiction fantasy. Too bad I missed Elfwood, but I understand it couldn’t keep up with the competition.

For now I’ll start with Wattpad, an online platform that allows people to read and publish original stories. At least that’s what the description says.

Every Monday I will post a new chapter in a serial format, from the Prologue all the way to the end of part 2 (or close enough).

So if you haven’t read my free ebook and just prefer a couple pages at a time, click here to check it out on Wattpad. I’ve already reached chapter 5.

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