Guardian of the Cursed Crown

King Larsen’s entire world shatters when his beloved queen Gwen becomes infected with an unknown illness and dies. He loses the will to rule, and his city Vivek is overthrown by King Malik of Holt Harbour. A year passes, Larsen never recovers from despair, lives as a vagabond just close enough to Gwen’s grave so he can visit her daily, and all his people suffer under Malik’s oppressive laws. However, Larsen learns that Gwen never actually died from her illness and a cure is possible by taking her into Desanorbis, a land named after the Servant of Insanity.

Larsen tries to ignore it, nothing but the ravings of a crazy Cord Master. His former general Carder certainly thinks so, and wants the fallen king to join the rebellion to take back the city. Meanwhile, the giant Dirk has found a new purpose as a member of the Guls in the remote village of Seaben, keeping it safe from the outlaws that frequently make port. Sounds easy enough. He was a feared warrior during the Battle of Vivek, he could certainly keep any scum from causing trouble, or so he thought. Something stalks the shadows of the village, and the Guls must catch it before it kills them all.

But to Larsen, none of it matters. Haunting dreams of Gwen are too much to bear. So he disregards all warnings, ignores better judgment, digs his love up from her grave and embarks on the quest, setting into motion a series of events that puts not just Vivek or Seaben, but the entire world in danger.

My debut novel Guardian of the Cursed Crown is available on the Kindle bookstore. And I would like to give you part I & II right now, FREE.

Mining Gyegan’s Ring

The warning blared. Red dots filled a side of his radar display, started pouring in.

Mining the rocks orbiting the red gas giant Gyegan may be essential to humanity’s survival in this slum of a solar system, but to Hacker, it was just about getting paid. Even with an assault exosuit, protecting Nick could get dangerous. The rocks were foraged by gyegas, large insect-like creatures with pincers powerful like hydraulic machines. One’s easy shooting. Hacker had expected maybe two or three, not hundreds. No amount of money was worth this.

What was supposed to be just another routine mission to Gyegan’s Ring turns into a fatal encounter, and a startling discovery.

Mining Gyegan’s Ring is a thrilling, action-packed short story. And I would like to give it to you, FREE.