Guardian of the Cursed Crown (coming this year)

Once king, now a vagabond, Larsen learns that his beloved dead queen is actually suffering from an unknown illness. He disregards all warnings and better judgment, digs her up from her grave and embarks on a dangerous quest to revive her.

His actions set into motion many deadly events. Malick, the oppressor who took Larsen’s kingdom, still sees him as a threat, and his soldiers don’t hesitate to carry out their absolute orders: apprehend on sight, kill if necessary.

A tribe of savage creatures, men with the heads of animals, decide it is time for war. They will kill everyone, they will devour everyone, and their ultimate prize is the flesh of the Sun-God Warrior.

An aged thug is so angered by Larsen’s intentions that he is willing to take every life he encounters just to prove that living is nothing more than pain and misery.

And there is also the Gift, an ancient mystery with which everything is somehow connected.

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