Attributes of Your Real and Fictional Character

I don’t know about you, but I always try to put my best foot forward.

It’s possible everybody does, humans conforming to social structures. Yet somehow, these attempts result in different outcomes.

Overall, I’ve been told that I’m serious and cynical. I don’t see myself that way. I’ve always thought of myself as being very funny, but here’s what made me the way I am, and the type of fictional characters I relate to, and write about Continue Reading →

How Becoming a Sci Fi Fantasy Writer has Ruined Most Movies and TV and Books

I remember the days when I used to get excited from watching a sci fi fantasy trailer.

And when it’s finally released, as I sit to watch, all manner of cruddy snacks within reach and a sufficiently large sugary drink at my feet, I crave the next image that comes up on screen. Becoming a sci fi fantasy writer has upended that entire thrill Continue Reading →