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Being someone who loved video games growing up, and still wishing I had time to play them now, I like to keep track of the latest in the industry. And the best place for this is the annual convention known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short.

Ever heard of it?

E3 is where all the video game giants gather to show what they got coming up for the next couple years. The main competitors are Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, with 3rd party competitors such as Ubisoft, Square Enix, and EA filling the gaps.

While there’re many different types of games on display, I like seeing those in my favourite genre: science fiction fantasy.

I checked out all the conferences, on-line of course, and saw some really great science fiction fantasy games I’m really looking forward to playing (or hearing more about).

If you also love the genre, and video games, and maybe you’ve been wondering which next gen console to buy like I have, then here’s what the industry’s got coming up.

Xenoblade Chronicles X (wii u)

Earth has been destroyed as a consequence of war between two alien races, causing humans to evacuate in massive interstellar ark ships. One ship crash lands on the planet Mira and the survivors attempt to establish a new home.

The plot for this open world action rpg sounds good, but one thing caught my interest even more: giant robots (and we all know how I feel about giant robots).

With lots of massive creatures to battle, crisp graphics, and the ability to explore an alien world on foot or piloting a giant robot, this game has a mix of all the right stuff.

Star Wars Battlefront (ps4 xbox1 pc)

Every time the title Star Wars is mentioned, a nerd somewhere in the world has an orgasm, and with good reason. Star Wars is filled with enough science fiction fantasy to make any fan revel in satisfaction.

The Battlefront series takes all the good gun blasting, spaceship flying, lightsaber cutting action from Star Wars and puts you in the middle of epic battles. Play as either stormtopper or rebel and fight against enemies on foot, speeder, TIE fighter, or whatever vehicle you come across.

EA has made Battlefront games before, but in addition to the new jaw-dropping graphics, in this one you actually get to pilot an AT-AT.

Let me say that again in case you missed it. A FREAKING AT-AT. That’s right nerds, wipe yourself off.

For Honor (ps4 xbox1 pc)

More medieval history than actual fantasy, I couldn’t resist the melee weapon gameplay of this brutal hack and slash. Play as a knight, a samurai, or a viking and carve a path through tons of armoured foes on massive battlefields such as fortified castles or expansive valleys.

The gameplay involves players attacking from above, the right, or the left, striking and parrying depending on the opponents movements. You can even call in a barrage of arrows or a catapult.

Final Fantasy VII remake (ps4)

It says something when a series originally started in 1987 and new installments are still being developed 28 years later. But to go back and remake a previous installment is another feat all on its own.

The original Final Fantasy VII first released in 1997 was surrounded with so much hype that it single-handedly made me purchase a Playstation. This game paved the way for next gen jrpg’s, with a story so controversial that fans still talk about it today.

That’s probably why Square Enix decided to remake it, and while no gameplay was shown, the video ending with a glimpse of Cloud’s massive Buster Sword made the crowd erupt in cheers.

I joined them (on my sofa), because I’d love the opportunity to play as Cloud and hunt down that bastard Sephiroth in an expansive world all over again.

Fallout 4 (ps4 xbox1 pc)

I’ve always wanted to play Fallout, a series where humanity retreats to a bomb shelter while the world is destroyed by nuclear war, then resurfaces centuries later to explore the left-overs.

I love post-apocalyptic worlds where everything is in ruins, and this super-sweet graphics version is clearly the best place for me to get into this game.

Dark Souls 3 (ps4 xbox1 pc)

In Dark Souls, you play as a lone half-dead swordsman roaming a medieval world full of creatures both small and massive all bent on killing you. Cut them down, find new weapons and armor, get some rest, then cut down some more, all while exploring vast landscapes like cities and forests and canyons.

There’s a story here somewhere, but it’s over-shadowed by the excellent gameplay of dodging and attacking. This series is known to be brutally hard, but at no point do you ever feel cheated.

Part one was loads of fun. Sadly, I missed out on part two, but now that I know part three’s on the way, I can’t wait.

The Last Guardian (ps4)

A young boy becomes friends with a giant bird-dog creature and together they try to escape the dangers of a ruined city.

It’s very similar to Shadow of Colossus, a game that I’ve never forgotten, and with eight years in the making, several delays and even a cancelled announcement, anticipation has never been higher.

No Man’s Sky (ps4)

If you’ve ever gazed at the stars and wanted to just jump in a spaceship, traverse the void and travel to another solar system, then you need to play this game. Every star is reachable, and every blade of grass, tree, fish, animal, even planet, is procedurally generated.

You start off at the edge of the universe and your goal is to reach the centre. To get there, you have to upgrade your ship by gathering resources either through exploring any of the BILLIONS of planets or trading on various space stations.

Visit new worlds, become a space pirate, join a faction, fight in galactic battles, or just be an explorer in this vast open universe.

Horizon Zero Dawn (ps4)

Society has returned to a tribal state. Cities darken into graves and nature reclaims the land, but the difference here is that many of the animals are actually robots.

It’s unclear how this all happened or where these robot animals came from, but they come in all types from evasive deer to massive dinosaurs.

You hunt them down using their parts as resources to survive in vast open world goodness.

Other interesting games like Star Fox Zero, Recore, and Mad Max were also displayed, but I found these to be the best. So based on my selections, it looks like ps4 is the clear winner.

I better start saving, and scheduling some game time.

What do you think? Any of them interest you? Where you ever gamer? Let me know in the comments.

2 Thoughts on “Science Fiction Fantasy at E3 2015

  1. I was among those who heard of Legend of the FF7 Remake and, at first, discounted it as another rumor. It may be cause for me to buy a PS4.

    This is a really good selection of games, and E3’s looking better than ever. I was especially enthralled by the premise and presentation of Horizon Zero Dawn. Thanks for sharing, I feel my gamer-senses tingling, because like you, I played games a_lot in the past, but don’t have much time anymore. However, appreciation remains for them, so it’s great to see this handy list.

    • Sure, Jesse.

      No Man’s Sky was my favourite on the list until I saw Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only does the gameplay look great, the story with robots is really interesting. I’m actually angry with myself that I didn’t think of it first.

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